Support mPower: A Thriving Network in the Mortgage Finance Industry

As the leading voice in the mortgage banking community, it is our responsibility to identify and tackle all of the unique challenges our industry faces. The commitment and dedication I encounter in my daily interactions with MBA members and staff continue to inspire me.

MBA’s efforts to promote equal opportunities and inclusivity among our diverse workforce is one notable example where the passion to create positive change in our industry has spawned a burgeoning movement. I’m specifically talking about mPower, MBA Promoting Opportunities for Women to Extend their Reach.

Two years ago, mPower was founded by MBA COO Marcia M. Davies. What started with the creation of small networking events for women has morphed into a rapidly growing community. This year alone, mPower has provided a platform for more than 6,000 real estate professionals to strengthen their networks, conduct business, and achieve personal growth through an engaging online community, more than 25 nationwide events, a quarterly webinar series on professional development, and a monthly video series with senior industry executives and other featured guests.

I witnessed firsthand earlier this month the joyous spirit of mPower as it reverberated throughout the Walter E. Washington Convention Center here in Washington at the second annual mPowering You event. More than 450 women spent their Saturday networking with others, talking about closing the gender gap, and receiving career advice from an impressive roster of speakers including MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and New York Times bestselling author Janine Driver, among others.

Later in the week, mPower hosted a standing-room-only session featuring award-winning actress Geena Davis, who discussed the gender imbalance in media and ways we can create positive change. mPower events address today’s issues and discuss potential solutions and strategies to combat the challenges.

In the days that followed at our Annual Convention and Expo, I lost count of the number of MBA members who praised the events and told me they are encouraging their colleagues to join mPower. This feedback reinforced my deep-seated belief in the power of this network.

mPower will continue to deliver more professional development events throughout the country, as well as ongoing webinars and videos featuring women with outstanding résumés. One thing is clear: mPower is an invaluable platform for the women in our industry.

In any company, your employees are your most valuable resource. That is why I encourage everyone – regardless of gender, age, or ranking in your organization – to throw their collective support behind mPower.

It’s time for all of us to join the movement today.

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